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>>About Us
Anima animal hospital provides full service veterinary care and boarding services.
We located in Tsukishima (literally "moon island"), Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The area used to be called "Tsuki no Misaki", meaning "Headland of the Moon" was considered an especially good place to view the moon is now Tokyo Bay .We appreciate that we could open our hospital in this historical city.

Here is our mission statement...

Stress-less and painless treatment
With the progress of modern human medicine, veterinary medicines also make a marked advance. Companion animals are those animals that tend to hide their unusual condition instinctively. Even if your pet looks fine, they might feel uncomfortable in silence. As current advancements "analgesic" or "anesthesia" for surgery and any other treatments in veterinary medicine make dramatic progress. That help us to relief their pain more quickly and provide best treatment for them.
In our hospital, we experienced staff strive to provide the highest quality medical care, by choosing safe medication, minimizing their pain. We all know that your pet facing inexperienced environment feel so nervous.
Our team dedicate ourself to provide the best care and think the way to relief their anxiety.
Original treatment for your pet
Our goal is provide individually oriented and customized veterinary care to meet your pet needs.
Because your pet is so special to you, our medical advice to you is made only for you.
Our knowledgeable staff hope to help you with everything that your pets needs.
Provide comfortable environment
Whenever your pet and the owner gets antsy, Our staff are also living with our pet one of the family so that we might provide you feel comfortable time to talk with us. Please talk to us that your pet has something worry about. We very happy to hear that your pet things and may help the treatment plan.
Ultimately, our staff determines to try our best all we can do because we want to make your pet and you smile (like full moon of Tsukishima.)
Please feel free to talk us for your pet living long in good health.
>>Office Hour
10:00~13:00  /  16:00~19:00
Sunday,Holiday 10:00~13:00
Wednesday: Consulting by appointment , Operation , Detailed examination
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1-5-2-106, Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
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